Short SoS – Sheldrake on Jonson

Ben Jonson. Rival or friend of Shakespeare? Grumpy old bore or stout moralist? In a typical cop-out, Sheldrake thinks both caricatures are true. Jonson is an awkward playwright at the best of times, but his plays are well worth the seeing. Sheldrake gives you his personal top three.

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  1. Hello again James. I recently read that Mark Rylance is an anti-Stratfordian! (I was quite surprised!) What do you think about the matter of authorship? Have you a podcast about it?


    1. Hello there. Sorry for the slow reply. Mark Rylance’s (and Derek Jacobi’s) anti-Stratfordianism is a pity in so many ways. I won’t be covering it in a podcast any time soon as I fear there is so little to say on the subject. Yes, there are gaps in Shakespeare’s life etc etc but there is not a single credible theory or rational argument that pulls me away from the Man from Stratford. Stephen Fry’s contribution to covers all the bases.

      All the best, J


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